Final Foundation Little Service

At the meeting on Tuesday of this week it was decided, with regret, there is no longer the momentum to continue with Little Services on Sunday evenings.

Therefore Little Services will continue until the final Little Service which will be on Sunday 9th November.
This service will be lead by Tim and Iain and (as used to be the Foundation tradition) we’ll go for a few drinks afterwards.

It would be great if you could make it for this final meeting.



A service based on Autumn being a time of change, reflection and renewal, with Raspberry and White Chocolate CAKE.

Coordinating: Adam B

Repetition is a form of Change

A Palindromic service looking at how a lot of the time we repeat ourselves, but sometimes we can improve things the next time round. We repeat our mistakes and our habits over and over. But because the god event has happened, goodness, or miracle, is able to impact on our spirals and habit patterns. Repetition is change only because God is. Including T.S. Eliot, Gamelan music and the prodigal son.

Coordinating: Chris D and Anna M


A meditation on the wings and pinions of hope using poetry and group discussion.

Coordinating: Craig P


A covered cross with candles in front

The Cross covered for Passion Sunday

A meditation on the Book of Psalms. A reflection on their place in the bible and the different styles, voices and characters expressed in the Psalms.

Coordinating: Chris D

Switching Off

A meditation on switching off spirituality, the best moments in life, the moments before life ends – and the music of Elbow.

Coordinating: Rob T

Lent 3

A service based on an Anglican service for Lent 3.

Coordinating: Craig P


A reflection on how fear can affect our lives and how we can overcome it.

Coordinating: Adam B

Jesus and the bucket list


What would you do if you were informed you only had a short time left to live, say a month or two? Jesus knew he was going to die and spent his last free evening serving others. This was the basis of this service involving lists from and wooden play bricks.
Coordinating: Chris D.



A service based around one persons experience of the Experimental Theology blog and some bible readings. The blog is at

Coordinating: Nigel H

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