Chapel with light streaming through stained glass windowFoundation is a contemplative community which grew out of the emerging church movement. It is

positioned within the Anglican tradition, which for Foundation is mainly about being rooted in a rich

theological and liturgical soil. Foundation, however, tends to eschew labels and is a community in

which open enquiry and dialogue are embraced as part of the process of discernment.

Foundation meets for its Sunday evening service at 8pm at Cotham Parish Church, which is located

on Cotham Road, Bristol BS6 6DR. It has a ‘faith exploration’ group which meets monthly to reflect

on faith and theology in open and creative ways. It also gathers to share community meals, films and



Foundation will be creating a new website shortly. We also have a Foundation Bristol Facebook page

and our Twitter handle is @Foundation_04.


If you are interested in coming along to any Foundation gathering and entering into this ongoing

exploration of faith, please contact Rev. Iain McColl (  We look forward to

hearing from you.


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